Anatomy Of A Dongle

Ever wondered what’s inside that little life saving piece of technology that hangs off the side of your computer? If so, and you are tempted to smash your dongle with a hammer just to see what’s inside, take a deep breath, lay down your weapon, and read on…



  1. DongleMaster77 November 28, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    Hello DOngleMaster77 here, I just read this awesome article about dongles! 🙂 Now, I love all things dongle. Phone dongles, computer dongles, dongles with USb, Hdmi, all sorts of dongles. I just LOVE dongles!!! Sounds like the Vietnamese currency “Dong” ;)))))))) Ding dong should become ding DONGLE!!! LOL!!! Please excuse my sense of humor. I get a little “crazy”!!! LOL!!! #Donglemasterrace 😉

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