To Headphone Jack or Not to Headphone Jack

Someone, please deliver us from headphone jack headaches without breaking the bank

As technology companies make “bold” new moves, the hardware and experiences we are accustomed are being modified or removed altogether. Enter the headphone jack adapter. While not new news, it isn’t exactly old news either. So what, you say. Well, after several months of iPhone 7 Plus use, the mini headphone adapter dongle feels more like a miss than ever.

The headphone jack removal from iPhone 7 (and iPhone 8 and iPhone X) and the Pixel 2 has forced consumers to transition from the 3.5mm headphone jack quite abruptly. In the case of Apple and the iPhone 7, new owners received a lighting cable jack to 3.5mm jack dongle adapter with their smartphone purchase.

Generally speaking, there’s nothing wrong with that. One might commend Apple for the “crutch” in the transition to a Bluetooth only headphone experience. On the other hand, new users that rely on simultaneous power and audio must now choose.

The lightning headphone jack adapter gets lost in a sea of “stuff”

Frustratingly, the ongoing hide and seek game to find where the dongle ran off to can get old really fast. Without it, borrowing a pair of wired earbuds from a friend or family member quickly reminds you how lost, helpless and alone you can truly feel.

Cut the cord… forever?

Bluetooth headphones and earbuds are great. But, they can be costly (such as the Beat Solo 3 Wireless Headphones), and finding a well-rounded pair of headphones or earbuds that fit with the many activities in life can be challenging.

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