Dongle Nirvana

They call it the Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition, but I call it

Dongle Nirvana. Dong-vana, perhaps?

I had been warned that three days might not be long enough to see the manufacturers’ booths that I needed to visit, but when I entered the first of the three massive exhibition rooms filled with my heart’s most fond desires, I realized that I had seen just a glimpse of what heaven must be like.

Dante’s Celestial Rose, the Vision of the Redemption of the Dead, Muhammed’s 72 virgins.

Faster than I could say ‘Om’, I was teleported into three days of delightful, exhausting, frustrating, stimulating, and amazing feeding at the trough of dongle-mania that I have ever experienced.

You should think of the Global Sources show as the sine qua non of geekdom, nerdness non-pareille, the apotheosis of tech gadgetry.

It was cool.

And I’ll be back next year.

So here are my top five big-picture takeaways from my three days at the Hong Kong show:

  1. Asia–Shenzhen, China, specifically–is the center of the dongle universe.
  2. Innovation is alive and well in mobile computing.
  3. The market for technology that organizes and simplifies our lives is untapped.
  4. Anyone who thinks that creativity is the United States’ competitive competitive advantage needs to think again and come to this show–there was plenty of creativity on display here.
  5. I’ll be baaaccckk.

In my next column I’ll talk about the top ten gizmos I saw in Hong Kong.


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