From the Wire: Apple Now Selling 2-for-1 Charging Headphone Dongle

At long, LONG last, Apple has finally decided users would like to be able to charge their iPhone, and listen to headphones at the same time. Snarky applephiles may retort, “Just use wireless ‘phones, brah.” A fair point, but doesn’t it seem a bit odd that 2 basic function of a phone can’t be done simultaneously? Good on Apple for addressing the issue. Too bad users have been forced into such a difficult trade-off: to charge or listen.

Third Party Solutions

While possibly the slowest, Apple isn’t the only vendor to offer dongles for charging and listening. A number of third-party players have capitalized on this ovesight and offered solutions, may at a far lower cost than the Apple product. However, a quick search through Amazon for “iPhone charger with headphones” brings up a multitude of options. Choosing which to use may be risky as the reviews seem to be all across the board.

Crowd Sourced Favorites

We need your help to identify which might be the best option for the wired charging listener. Have you purchased a one of these? If so, which one and how did you like it.

We will update this post will suggestions and thoughts we get from users. As always, comment below or let us know at

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